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Thank you for your interest in submitting one or more photos to the 2019 JHL Photo Contest.

This year, submissions are open from 01 March - 31 August 2018. 

Winners will be announced in October 2018.


  • Keep the photo simple: Focus on the subject while limiting background items and distractions. Frame your photo carefully for full effect.
  • High Resolution and Size: Photos must meet the MINIMUM specifications:
    •  A jpeg file,
    • At least 300DPI
    • At least 4″ tall and wide.

Please do not send photos of lesser size and resolution. Photos that do not meet these specifications cannot be considered.

  • Keep Cropping in Mind: For our cover, we must crop images to a square. Please either submit your photos in this manner or be aware of how this cropping could impact your photo. Photos that cannot be cropped to a square cannot be considered.
  • Photo Consent is required for all persons in photo: If a recognizable person is in the photo (e.g., the face of a mother/baby/clinician etc.), you must send in a signed photo consent form. If you do not have a standard photo consent form, we can provide one to you.

Please note that all information collected will be used by ILCA and JHL staff and volunteers to evaluate photo contest submissions and contact applicants.

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Your form submission WILL be encrypted using SSL to ensure your privacy.

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