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Featured Webinar - April

WEBINAR - Diversity and Equity in Action at ILCA: Integrating Our Core Values into All We Do

ILCA is actively seeking to refine and define its goals and objectives, ensuring that its strategic map remains a living document aligned with the vision of the organization and effectively considers global, national, regional, and local factors impacting ILCA’s strategic goals. The strategic map incorporates ILCA’s Core Values of knowledge, diversity, and equity. This webinar provides an overview of why ILCA has chosen diversity and equity as two of its Core Values; the history of the Lactation Equity Action Committee and ILCA’s role within it; actions ILCA has taken and plans to take to increasingly incorporate its valuing of diversity and equity into its internal functioning and external work in the world; how to contribute to this work; and resources for learning more about inequitable access to the IBCLC certification and ways to help dismantle institutional oppression in the field of lactation consulting.


Credits: 1 E-CERP and 1 Contact Hour


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